Welcome to the era that begat the Porsche 962, the rise of the TWR Jaguars then later the Sauber Mercedes, two German teams and one British that between them dominated Sports Prototype racing from 1982 onwards, with occasional forays into the winners’ circle by Lancia. During the 1980s successive Japanese efforts by Nissan and Toyota went largely down the proverbial pan until 1989, but by then they were too few and too late for the era. Before this the grids were mainly leftovers from the mid/late ‘70s onwards, a plethora of non-works and private entries although Porsche were still active at Le Mans. Serious French interests revolved around Jean Rondeau’s Cosworth DFV and DFL powered Rondeaus and the WM Peugeots, the former winning at Le Mans 1980 and the latter largely Le Mans centric with exception but rarely successful. Also in the mix were the multitudinous private team Porsche 934/935s that inhabited Group 4 and Group 5 plus assorted BMW M1s of differing specifications, most from the BMW Procar series of 1979/80. In evidence for much of the period were assorted versions of the Ferrari 512 BB. Beyond what become Group C were the smaller capacity C Junior and later C2 classes that included Alba, Gebhardt, Spice, Osella, Lola, Mazda et al, who provided many thrilling races. Additionally I have included the Daytona 24 Hours and the Sebring 12 Hours even though both venues migrated to IMSA (International Motor Sports Association) during the decade. Space precludes the many others and their drivers which can be found in this latest and largest ‘In Camera’ book, I hope you enjoy it.

Paul Parker 2018

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